Two words to describe the recent Marie Claire Rising Stars dinner: utterly inspiring. The elegant and glamorous dinner held at the stunning La Rosa, The Strand in Sydney was the perfect combination of fashion and girl power! Sponsored by Swarovski, the tables were covered in glittering glass crystals, Marie Claire magazines, stunning Swarovski bracelets for all guests to take home and of course, delicious food. Yet it was the two young speakers and guests of honour that made the room of fashionistas put down their Instagram feeds for a moment and really take notice. Telling stories of success, failure, trials and tribulations, love, loss and all the pivotal moments that guided them to the incredible success they have obtained today. Miranda Tapsell spoke of her journey as an Indigenous actress and how she urges the industry to put more deserving, beautiful women of colour on the big and small screens. Georgia Alice endeared herself to everyone in the room with her infectious personality, honesty and humor. Her speech particularly stuck with me as she spoke of moving to Sydney and away from the ones she loves to follow her dreams… something I know all too well.

So of course now onto the fashion. “Watt to wear” to this kind of occassion when you have a mere three days to prepare (thanks to my gorgeous sister who made this happen!) You quickly search The Luxe Collection by L, of course.

For any special occasion you need to look your most glam, a stunning designer bag has to be on your list. I borrowed the stunning YSL Small Monogram Tassel clutch and it was absolutely everything you’d want it to be and more, totally transforming my outfit.

Need your own designer bag for the weekend? Use TLCBL20 for 20% off your first hire. 
IMG_9723 IMG_9932IMG_9709

All in all the evening was an incredible one, and I was most happy to have my sister in town, even if it was only for about 15 hours!

T xx.


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