We’ve become accustomed to being able to borrow a designer dress for a wedding or special occasion and then returning it for a fraction of the price of buying it for yourself. It’s a genius system considering I’ve personally spent thousands on dresses I have worn once and then never dare to don again. There are countless dress hire sites on the web, but what about your bag?

There is no denying a must-have bag is the key to any chic ensemble. Enter, The Luxe Collection by L. The one place with the largest, most desirable collection of high end designer bags from Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, YSL, Chloe, Louis Vuitton and so many more. The Luxe Collection by L even has an easy to use app that lets you pick your perfect designer handbag and order it for the weekend in just a couple of minutes.

Here are a couple of my personal favourites from The Luxe Collection by L but take a moment to peek through the entire collection on their website, here, and download the app which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Louis Vuitton Chain Louise GM


Chanel Deauville Canvas Clutch
ddmVAPhn1GpIMTj9t4Nva_ki1L8c6h5ZuDf6y9mEohd_umwVQ1zqJU-iZ_Sy6e5-Ad-Creators-6096.jpg.jpgChloe Drew Small Grained Shoulder Bag
HkfnZDXgIQpSFBfHj_IX_ci89PzYAbHYAd-Creators-5819.jpg Alexander McQueen Leather Sphere Skull Clutchk4VuenoJRkWMxWkRh34EckgI8jYGn9rrAd-Creators-6202.jpg Saint Laurent Classic Small Monogram Tassel kWqUlJ34SiTzrhc7eZa79TZHOTJuHqzYKrp5ITjoTUHqqCEj-amFcPxY0OaTwkbuAd-Creators-5942.jpg.jpg Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Flap Cover BagnKYpKZf5PTFt6eNrp0dOGcYjLF2I3wLCAd-Creators-6019.jpg Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack PMNUwZvhsNwna22ImD0uqpzfyi95Fi9xIdAd-Creators-6136.jpg Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Baby Chain Bago4fakBX7PHeTu2kWUJvcOYru9gAejUgzAd-Creators-6040.jpg Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder BagRLKmalzkwEjxvIlWqcqaeT6V0-TCDDojAd-Creators-6112.jpg Valentino Small Chain Cross-Bodyw9olanVVAxuQjD_j5ApLHtgNglNv9ZheAd-Creators-6013.jpg Chanel Chevron Wallet on Chainw9Tw-RhAEFu4hw6vKS855HPfMCPDdCM0d8_JOqreHFMM-XZt3XYX49ahWAqkZ9uQAd-Creators-6074.jpg.jpg

Make sure you’re following The Luxe Collection by L on Instagram and Facebook.

Rent it, Rock it, Return it.


T xxx


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