L’INGÉNUE: Parisian chic

Sometimes a brand just speaks to you. It gets you. It’s as if you’re meant to find each other. For me L’Ingenue is that one.

L’Ingenue is Australia’s first online concept store to exclusively stock French designers. Each season they bring their loyal clientel a carefeully curated selection of the finest shoes designed in France, crafted in Europe and worn by ever-so-chic Parisian women. Each style is carefully selected at Parisian showrooms the collection at L’Ingenue is impeccable and just screams Parisian style, elegance and grace.

I have fallen in love with so many of the pairs of gorgeous shoes at L’Ingenue it was hard for me to narrow down a selection but here are the pairs I couldn’t resits picking up, with the help of my discount code you can use too! Take 15% off with the code WTW15 – you’re welcome 😉

If you’ve ever read this blog or met me once you’ll probably notice my absolutely love for anything sequined or glittery, therefore when I laid eyes on these babies my heart melted!


Oh, and these too..


These could possibly be the perfect sandal.


I just can’t choose between these two gorgeous brogues (can you ever have enough though?) so please help, which do you love more?

L_ingenue_291 vernis_brogue

Please do yourself a very chic favour and take advantage of my 15% off code WTW15. I promise you’ll fall in love with your purchases! Take a moment to also show them some love on Facebook and Insta.

Taryn xx


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