Beverly Hills is calling for one of Australia most talented designers, Benjamin Ringuet. 

After conquering the local fashion scene with his instantly recognisable aesthetic, Benjamin is spreading his wings far and wide, without ever forgetting his loyal customers and where it all began. As a longtime fan of the designer, I took the opportunity to spend a few minutes chatting to the man behind My Ringuet.

The sweet and eloquently spoken designer can’t disguise the excitement in his voice when asked about what’s coming in the near future for the brand.

“We’re heading to Beverly Hills to hold a VIP event in June at the Peter Lik Gallery,” Benjamin says. The invitation only soiree will reward the My Ringuet LA customer base for their continued support and expose many more to the designers unique, Australian style.

While LA and stocking the brand around the world are priorities, for Benjamin, nothing is more important than the people who’ve supported him from the beginning. He’s held various events around south east Queensland to give his VIP customers the opportunity to get up close and personal with new collections and most importantly, for him to meet and connect with those who wear his designs. Benjamin mentions that he has a strong rapport with a great deal of his regular customers through holding these events and sees it as an opportunity to understand what his customers are looking for. All of My Ringuet’s garments are made locally as well, allowing the designer to have exceptional control over quality and design. Benjamin intends to travel around the country, firstly to Sydney later in the year in order to connect with as many of the brands VIP’s as possible.

Taryn wearing My Ringuet's Hayden Playsuit recently.

Taryn wearing My Ringuet’s Hayden Playsuit recently.


For me, the beauty of My Ringuet’s designs are in the stunning colours, patterns and shapes that have become a standout signature for the brand. Benjamin considers himself an artist before the notion of a designer but also credits a wide range of sources for inspiration. Benjamin says he would notice women in life, his mother, sister or partners fall in love with pieces of clothing and likens it to wearing artwork. This connection between wearing artwork and designing clothes made the transition from artist to designer a natural one. Just like artwork, Benjamin’s designs are an expression of whatever he is feeling or connecting with at the time – which can range from the music of Led Zepplin (notice the connection to the name of some garments…) to beautiful romantic influences.


My Ringuet is not a trend based, in fact the brand is almost the opposite, which is why I love it so dearly. The styles are chic and classic, yet so unique they truly are just like pieces of wearable artwork. Find more from My Ringuet on Facebook or via the My Ringuet website.











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  1. urbantutu says:

    Both photos and clothes are stunning, I can’t wait to fill my blogpost with beautiful stuff like this.

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