J’adore Soul Ardour

Last week our news feeds were saturated with images from the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and if that wasn’t enough inspiration to get your bum in gear and get to the gym the newest active wear to hit Brisbane should be. Soul Ardour is the brainchild of Shai Walter, a beautiful gym bunny who like many of us, struggled to find active wear that truly fit and felt comfortable while working out. From this, she considered what support, fabrics and styles she really needed and Soul Ardour was born. Shai is a naturally petite woman so she understands that not all body shapes are the same and has beautifully catered for an incredible range of different body shapes. Not only do her designs look absolutely stunning with their unique aesthetic and on trend colour combinations, they’re just so easy to wear.

As you are well aware by now I am passionate about supporting brands that create their garments in ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly conditions and I’m proud to say this is one of them. All the garments are made right here in Australia and as such the quality is impeccable.

I don’t care (and seriously won’t judge 😛 ) if you wear your active wear for brunch or bench pressing but do yourself a favour in checking out Soul Ardour to look the part while getting your booty into shape this summer.

WTW_0198-Edit WTW_0207 WTW_0215-Edit WTW_0223

Make sure you’re also following Soul Ardour‘s adventures on Facebook here, and on Instagram @soulardour.

Taryn xx


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