I was lucky enough to be front row for both Jack Sullivan‘s bridal and couture collections at this year’s MBFF and while this incredible Brisbane based designer had always been on my radar, seeing his latest designs absolutely astonished me. He is a master of detail, quality and design and I was so fortunate to be able to ask him a few questions about his inspiration and latest collections…

1. Where do you draw inspiration from when creating a collection and in particular your latest collection?

“Always a tough answer, however I say it would generally be about the textiles, it might be a lace, or fabric and designing a gown that exaggerates the key characteristics of the fabric.”

2. Do you look overseas to source your fabrics?

“Absolutely, whether it be crazy expensive French lase or something that is not ridiculously expensive, but really unique and interesting.” JackSullivanBridal-17

3.  How has your mothers influence defined the direction of your career?

“Everything I have career wise is because of my mother, she taught me everything I know about fashion design. In some ways we are so similar in  our styles, but also completely different.”

4. Was creating couture and bridal gowns always your dream?

“Actually no, I really just fell into this.  I was actually a ski instructor that lived in Canada. I came back for a couple months to help out on the business side of things, and one thing lead to another really.”

5. What’s coming in the future for Jack Sullivan?

“Honestly, it is a tough call to say what I am more excited about, I am still doing my shows in London every year, I really want the European side to my business to grow. However I will be launching an after five/red carpet line next year, that will be available for sale to the public. Previously my red carpet gowns were one offs  that were not for sale.  So I am excited to be working with a bit more colour and doing something a bit more casual”

6. How was your 2015 MBFF experience?

“MBFF this year was great and the best response I have ever received, I especially loved doing my evening wear show. I mean I love bridal, but I have probably done over 100 bridal shows in my career, so I am a little bit more comfortable with them. However I had only ever done one evening wear show before, so I was more nervous about that.”
Jack Sullivan Couture at last night’s Brownlow

Not only has Jack’s work wowed me but obviously the daughter of Peter Coleman CEO of Woodside Justine Coleman who contacted Jack about the possibility of wearing one of his gowns to the Brownlow. Jack spent many hours with Justine in West End – where he is based, perfecting the fit of the dress that would eventually strut down the red carpet at the AFL’s most prestigious event last night.


Taryn xx


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