Here comes the sun!

Sunday Somewhere, doesn’t that sound like bliss? We all know of my life long love affair with shoes, but a new obsession is creeping up and stealing my shoe money, it’s an obsession with sunglasses! Summer is coming, Sunday is coming, the sun is coming – 3 of my favourite things and three things that all require the perfect pair of shades. Sunday Somewhere has quickly become my go to for fashionable eyewear, both for fashion and prescription. With their chic modern designs that are not only affordable but also worn by the biggest celebs in the world like my fav bad gal RiRi, you seriously can’t go wrong. They’ve become my new necessity for the most important meal of the weekend, Sunday brunch. 😛

Sunday Somewhere‘s creative team have also got things absolutely on point with their latest campaign, which I am absolutely in love with. It’s certain after seeing these that much more of my shoe money is going straight to these guys. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a different pair of shades for each day of the week, in fact, I recommend it!

HPh5f5oMV7othXM7csCYvAfbchAxEdrMkhwsROZZC70 JFSfMJrMAbNXV2cqXgD5WmwO1j0iPDkgXK8FYHkTJdE JFvylmjq5WKwSWkW_0jSivlXF45TIcvfzi9h3bs72ww,VakJYi6eNGpR8AlObDpPOtMvYAiFZyAj_nvs7r25xkA lknqRtuVJTKUtdPJxmYSkvp1AtwDEtC4tL80rzgqzXo okvmFtUAr0j6aJa7-1nE080VTTNU0Nsgecxs5tOUs-Q XvCgdSuILYzFMRGpUcE-uuPTqYPgA2gE6IC5ScPA3p4


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