Top 3 summer essentials!

Call me premature considering we are only a few days into spring but I am already mentally organising all my summer adventures and of course, what I’ll be wearing when I embark on them. While I could write for days about my extensive list of summer ‘essentials’ I’ve decided that when it really comes down to it, there are three things that no fashionable summer would be possible without, and they are…

  1. The Camilla:

The perfect combination of summer elegance and pure luxury, a Camilla kaftan turned playsuit is perfect for any summer party or event. With intricate beading and detailing, the finest fabrics and multiple ways to wear, a Camilla piece should be a centerpiece of every stylish lasses summer wardrobe.

The Topkapi Threat Shoestring Strap Playsuit


2. The perfect (prescription!) sunglasses from Salt City Optics:

Not only are sunglasses vital to complete any summer ensemble, they’re also incredibly important for the health of your eye. You’d never spend the day in the sun without slapping on some sunscreen, so don’t let those UV rays harm one of your most important assets. The perfect pair of sunglasses can truly make an outfit and give you that effortless, fun loving summer vibe you long for. Plus, you can check anyone out on the beach without them noticing 😛 . If you (like me) also wear prescription glasses I know it can be a struggle to find stunning frames that fit your prescription but Salt City Optics have a fantastic range (for men and women!) at excellent prices. It was impossible for me to narrow it down to just one gorgeous pair, so here are my fav two.

The Kaenon Wishbone Prescription Sungalsses


The Jason Wu Natalie Prescription Sunglasses


3 The standout summer heel:

As you are all well aware, shoes are my thing so it should come as no surprise that I believe finding a pair of standout summer heels is the final summer essential. These stunning strappy pieces of leather perfection from Tony Bianco are exactly what the S/S15 season is all about. Sexy, stylish and certainly a standout, these are the heels you need this summer.

Tony Bianco Avenger Heel


(3.2) The Senso Riley IV are still very high on my summer must have list. Seriously, they’re perfect and so damn comfortable.


There will be more summer essential posts in the coming weeks with the best of fake tans, swimsuits and the like to have you set for summer before it hits!

Taryn xx


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