MBFF: QC Club Bridal Group Show

Sitting in the front row of the spectacular QC Club Bridal Group show is every little girl’s dream come true. The lace, the beading, the tulle, you could not have asked for more beautiful couture. The mark of a good show is when each designer has pieces in their collection that are extravagant yet wearable, are impeccably constructed and most of all, take you into the fantasy they have created; all of this happened last night.

For the evening I suppose I subconsciously channeled a bridal look from Sheike



Daniel Moore, of Alter Ego Brisbane showed an awe-inspiring collection that any bride would be honoured to wear. This is a designer I highly recommend you take a look at for all bridal and couture.

AlterEgo-01 AlterEgo-02 AlterEgo-04 AlterEgo-05 AlterEgo-06 AlterEgo-07 AlterEgo-08 AlterEgo-12

ELIZABETH DE VARGARA EXCLUSIVE FASHIONS: This was a stunning and innovative collection with models removing their couture tulle skirts to reveal pantsuits of playsuits underneath! Fantastic for the modern bride who wants to wear a reception dress but doesn’t want to take off her gorgeous gown!

ElizabethDeVarga-04 ElizabethDeVarga-05 ElizabethDeVarga-07 ElizabethDeVarga-08  ElizabethDeVarga-13 ElizabethDeVarga-14


JackSullivanBridal-08   JackSullivanBridal-16 JackSullivanBridal-17


JordannaRegan-14 JordannaRegan-10 JordannaRegan-08

PAUL HUNT: Unfortunately something went a miss with Paul Hunt’s collection and only a handful of designs made it down the runway and the designer was unable to take his bow at the end. A great shame as what was shown was beautiful.

PaulHuntBridal-03 PaulHuntBridal-06


 WendySullivan-05  WendySullivan-07  WendySullivan-11 WendySullivan-12 WendySullivan-15  

GEORGE WU: The expert and veteran couture and bridal designer closed the show with a stunning, grecian style collection.

GeorgeWu-03 GeorgeWu-04 GeorgeWu-07 GeorgeWu-09 GeorgeWu-13

I also attended the Next Gen show which showcases emerging designers and will have it’s own post very shortly.

See you tomorrow for the Mercedes-Benz Group Show!

Taryn xx



Photos courtesy of MBFF.



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