Where to shop when everything looks the same

Have you ever been wandering around a shopping center, floating in and out of stores and slowly realizing you’ve seen all this before? You’ve seen the same dresses and clothes in the last shop, on a girl you saw last week and on Instagram a thousand times over? There is a very simple reason for this – they all came from the same place. Wholesalers will sell mass amounts of the very same garments to brands who will then stick their own label on it and sell if for often quite different prices. So the challenge is to break away from the mainstream and explore the vast expanses of the internet and find high quality, affordable and stylish items that everyone else wont have – like I did when I discovered the gorgeous Izabel London. Izabel is a  stunning UK label that ticks all the boxes. Impeccable customer service, the fastest shipping I’ve experienced and best of all, high quality beautiful designs at an excellent price.  I now own two Izabel pieces, the Lace Tiger Detail Pullover and the Houndstooth Printed Dress and absolutely love them both. They’re unique, feel beautiful and are surprisingly warm, which has been a lifesaver in the last few weeks of freezing winter weather! I have no doubt that the Lace Tiger Detail Pullover is my new favourite causal jumper and something I will wear over and over again. I’ve teamed them both with tights and on trend ankle boots for chic wintery looks.  WTW_0007-2 WTW_0042-2WTW_0082-Edit WTW_0060 WTW_0201 WTW_0114Izabel has been featured in some of my most beloved magazines such as Vogue, Grazia, Glamour, Cosmo and Look and offer free postage on orders over $60 and easy local returns in Australia. Find your perfect pieces at Izabel and keep up to date with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@izabellondonaus).

5 Responses to “Where to shop when everything looks the same”
  1. This is a great post! I would love if you could check out mine and maybe give feedback thanks! x

  2. I have this same issue. It’s nice to look different and try out trends you don’t see everywhere.

  3. I know exactly what you mean! Love these two looks though, definitely unique!


  4. Wow! Great sweater and dress!!

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