I first saw Isabella Longginou’s designs at the Fashion Society Spring Racing Fashion Show ’14 late last year and instantly knew she was something special. I then kept seeing her name pop up all over the place on social media and from there I decided I had to know more about the woman behind these incredible creations. I was fortunate enough to be able to wear a few of Isabella Longginou’s designs and have a chat to her about her label. Isabella is renowned for her custom designs so the next time you have a special event requiring a one of a kind outfit – you know where to go!


  1. How does the creative process begin for you?

For me, creativity comes when I touch and see fabrics. Sometimes designs do come to me in my sleep but most of the time my inspiration comes for actually sourcing and seeing new fabrics.

  1. You mentioned that you draw your inspiration from the fabrics, do you have favourites that you like to work with?

I love all fabrics but mostly I love working with natural fibers. I use a lot of silks, cottons and sometimes cotton/silk blends but whichever I use it’s important to keep it natural and easy wearing for the customer. Natural fibers feel better on your skin too!


  1. Where does all your fabric come from?

I try to source fabrics from all over…I have suppliers in Brisbane and am always keeping my eye out for different and fun fabrics overseas. I think that would be the point of difference my label has, not having fabrics that everyone has and only supplying a small amount which makes each garment more exclusive.

  1. How does the collaborative process work when customers come to you for a custom design?

When customers contact me, they have usually seen my designs and already know what they want but sometimes they are not sure so we come up with the ideas together. When they come for their consultation, I show them samples of mine and find out what their favourite style to wear is and from there we come up with ideas


5. Do you have plans to expand your ready to wear collection or stock in physical stores?

I think for now I am focusing on my ready to wear custom made pieces because I have so many amazing orders/requests on my plate but I am also stocking selected pieces in a boutique called My Style Emporium in the Wintergarden in Brisbane and of course, online at

WTW_0294WTW_0324 WTW_0423 WTW_0458


Keep up to date with Isabella Longgiou on social media @ilonggiou on Instagram and here on Facebook.


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