Designer spotlight: BEGITTA

As a little girl (and budding ballerina) I adored lace, sequins, tulle and pearls and, as a 22 year old woman, my affection for these has still not diminished even slightly. So it must be fate that I discovered what you could consider a kindred spirit in designer Begitta Stolk. The beautiful whimsy, fantasy and utter dreamery that embody her designs have completely captured my heart. Begitta is no run of the mill designer. Her designs have the ability to transport you into your own childhood fantasy, to unleash the little girl hidden within and make you feel more beautiful than you have ever imagined yourself. The labels designer, a stunning, sweet, talented woman studied design extensively in London and Paris and has bought home with her an aesthetic unlike any other. Begitta specialists in ready to wear and custom couture as well as standout accessories that will truly set you apart from the pack. Check out her gorgeous website, here, and Facebook pages here and here. Oh and follow her on instagram @begitta for more beautiful images. I urge you to browse her collections and contact her for your next formal occasion or wedding, she really is the cream of the crop. I was lucky enough to select a few pieces to shoot in over the weekend and expect to see more of me in Begitta in the future! WTW_0326 WTW_0331 WTW_0342 WTW_0404 - Copy WTW_0415WTW_0600 WTW_0552WTW_0725 - Copy WTW_0747All images by the incredible Greg Hudson. Check out more of his work, here, and contact him for all your photography needs.


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