Play time

An inescapable summer trend is of course the playsuit. For the past two years the playsuit has reigned supreme as a summer style staple, and for very good reason. From a day at the beach, to brunch, shopping, a Sunday sesh at the pool side bar, a night of cocktails with friends or wherever your day may take you; a playsuit can quite often, with the right styling and accessories, seamlessly take you from one of these activities to the next. I have long been a fan of the playsuit, but I believe Witchery may have recently provided me with my favourite one to date. The tie neck, open back and monochrome print encompasses almost all of my favourtie things. All I had to do was add a Bardot belt and a pair of wedges and away I  went!

Often playsuits are loose fitting around the bust and waist but fairly short in length so are perfect for girls with a busty top half but killer legs. That’s not to say they aren’t flattering for us flat chested gals either, as I clearly don’t fall into the former category but the loose fit around the bust acts to accentuate what little I do have. If you have a small waist to show off, always cinch it in with a belt when wearing a playsuit so it doesn’t get lost, but if you are more straight up and down, a flowing style like this can give the illusion of curves. Playsuits really do flatter a wide range of shapes so do yourself a favour and make sure you give one a go this summer. They really are one of my favourite things to wear!

DSG_0402 DSG_0403 DSG_0342 DSG_0374 DSG_0438DSG_0334

All photographs by the incredible Greg Hudson. Check out more of his work, here. I did my own make up using the Velbella airbrush system, I highly recommend you take a look at Velbella, here.

5 Responses to “Play time”
  1. H. E. Lexus says:

    Great shots f a awesome outfit with great wedges. 😉

  2. Love it! I’m wishing it was Summer!

  3. Lenie says:

    Love the jewels and nails!!

  4. nergizd says:

    you’re so pretty! love the outfit.

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