Undress success…. Undress Runways Brisbane

Few runway shows outside fashion week have the ability to pull a crowd and create such an electric atmosphere as Undress Brisbane did on Saturday night. Held in the perfect edgy location, Factory One in West End, the Undress Runways team decked out the interior with gorgeous flora to create a magnificent setting promoting the Undress ethos… ethical and sustainable fashion. Cocktails in coconuts were flowing as 30 labels whose primary focus is creating garments with minimal impact on the earth and in an ethical manner showed their stunning collections. Anna Hulm‘s colourful silk dresses and Hunting Faith the label were two clear standouts on the night.

Here are my favourite looks from the night. (Click to enlarge)

1014396_10152860337472975_8828546158676459495_n 1521324_10152860350277975_3460387030406401496_n 1604708_10152860331877975_6520971160845709790_n  1911746_10152860335207975_692045088178215781_n 10153931_10152860337362975_3218547057041871646_n 10153939_10152860346787975_1580175230413820768_n 10177527_10152860336907975_5735106969578898951_n 10250241_10152860348307975_1677323802600848058_n 10268430_10152860347497975_9031026838341843475_n 10339779_10152860331082975_5248528639283031404_n 10341639_10152860331522975_4801021719822968016_n 10372780_10152860332097975_3912012724382833379_n 10411177_10152860338092975_7637701328046075617_n 10420743_10152860333407975_5400917720975417714_n 10441045_10152860331737975_3792837348499913823_n  10570422_10152860333647975_8680337462129300651_n 10685522_10152860336792975_3645625799359501215_n 10689909_10152860348212975_6738352078020135005_n 10689983_10152860347412975_1672268873299503433_n 10701989_10152860336627975_3110222411645218242_n 10702047_10152860348712975_7363570464351705733_n

For the evening I chose a two piece set from Bardot and Mimco heels.

The Undress Runways team put on an incredible night of fun and fashion and I can not wait until the next show. Please keep an eye out on the Undress Runways Facebook page as I can honestly say this is one NOT TO BE MISSED!

All photos by Warren Jopson.


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