Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane DAY 3

Having experienced the Brisbane Arcade show at MBFF last year I was aware of how incredibly talented the designers are and had hotly anticipated the show would be my favourite of the week. Now as MBFF isn’t over I can’t go making that call just yet – but – when a show has you sitting forward in your seat, ever wanting to edge closer to the beauty on the runway and deciding you would wear every single piece from a particular designers collection, you realize that some of Australia’s best designers call the Brisbane Arcade home.

The show opened with a stunning collection from Tengdahl which can only be described as genius. Daniel Lightfoot‘s exceedingly elegant collection of black gowns drew applause from the audience, Bora‘s black and pink lace designs were truly exceptional, Pia Du Pradal, The Irma J Smith House of Fashion and Maiocchi all had absolutely beautiful pieces in their collections, but as always, Darb Bridal Couture could not be beaten. Renowned Australia wide for his craftsmanship, Darb’s collections can make even the most independent of women start mentally planning their wedding instantly. I have written about the magic that is Darb Bridal Couture twice before, here and here, and I’m certain this wont be the last time. I’ve never seen anything that quite compares to his bridal gowns.


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Daniel Lightfoot.

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Pia Du Pradal.

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The Irma J Smith House of Fashion.

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Darb Bridal Couture.

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For the evening I wore this snow leopard dress from Bec and Bridge and Alex Perry for Tony Bianco heels.

10347487_10152441030639682_15830323144879487_n 10609533_10152441104119682_8636867811532627357_n 10639703_10152441043444682_3327627112969609419_n Tomorrow morning I will have my final wrap up from the Mercedes-Benz Group Show.

All images from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane.


2 Responses to “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane DAY 3”
  1. Carolyn Murata says:

    I agree with you about the stunning DARB couture gowns. Exquisitely designed with the finest silks and lace from Italy and France . Breathtaking is the way that I described the beautiful new DARB collection, by Brad Webb

    • Taryn Watt says:

      He is absolutely a genius. I’ve been lucky enough to interview him in the past and not only is he an incredible designer but a truly lovely person as well. You are absolutely right, breathtaking is the word to describe it.

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