How to work the statement shoe

I once saw a quote online which read: “I don’t know why people say things about the ‘old lady who lived in a shoe’ as though she is unfortunate”. Whoever wrote this quote and I obviously have a lot in common. I’m a shoe gal, through and through. A love shown to me by my dear older sister who has the most incredible shoe collection. As a child I would watch out the window to see her car leave the driveway and then race into her bedroom to spend hours trying on all her amazing heels (in particular the knee high boots that would come up to my upper thighs!). To me shoes absolutely make or break an outfit and that’s why I am an avid believer in the statement shoe. However I see a lot of women on the street trying to work the statement shoe but they don’t always seem to get it right. It’s not as simple as wearing all one colour and then tacking on a different coloured pair of shoes at the bottom and calling it a ‘statement’. Just like you can’t randomly paint one wall out of your entire house a completely different colour and call it a ‘statement wall’. It has to be neatly woven into the rest of your outfit (or home) and seamlessly draw the eye down the leg and THEN make the eye pop.

While trawling through my favourite online shoe store, Styletread, I happened upon these incredible statement shoes. It was instant, love at first sight, no questions asked, I had to have them. So when they arrived (on my birthday no less, how lucky am I?!) my mind immediately turned to how to style them. Now here is where I want to be clear, I wasn’t thinking “what dress will I wear with them” but “how will I style them”. This is the difference between a statement shoe done well and a statement shoe gone wrong. To simply wear them with this white Events dress may have looked ok, but to truly style them I had to consider how I would incorporate the shoes with the dress to complete an entire outfit, rather than just dress + shoes = outfit done.

Even though this dress has a lovely embroided detail around the waist line I decided that I needed to incorporate the black and white print higher in the outfit to make it flow, otherwise there would be just too much happening at the bottom and not enough at the top. I decided it needed a belt but what I actually came up with was this black and white scarf. It was perfect! A little bit more funky than a traditional belt and it also had some great beads which tied in my gold accessories.

Now while I do believe you should match colours from your shoes higher in your outfit I would also like to point out that being too matchy matchy is not a good look. A study by the University of Northern Carolina (somehow?) found that “maximum ‘fashionableness’ is achieved when outfits are neither too co-ordinated nor too different”. So with this in mind I decided not to try and incorporate any of the yellow from the shoes into the outfit but rather opt for similar tones with gold accents on my clutch, in my jewellery and on the beads in my belt.

All in all I think the advice form the University of Northern Carolina study really says it all when it comes to how to style a statement shoe. Your outfit should most definitely incorporate the statement shoes colours but don’t go OTT with it.

Finally I will leave you with the very wise words of one of my favourite designers, Christian Dior. “You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.”


Make sure you check out Styletread to get your own pair of incredible statement shoes. They have a fantastic range of styles and you get a $10 voucher when you sign up! They also offer super fast shipping which is free on orders over $65 and free returns. Be sure to also keep an eye out for their spring launch which will be coming very, very soon!  Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @styletread and on Facebook, here.

All photographs are by the incredible Greg Hudson. Please check out more of his work, here. My hair and make up were done by the genius that is Lauren Jade Veling from Velbella. I can not recommend these two professionals enough for all your photography and H&MU needs. Do not go anywhere else!!

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4 Responses to “How to work the statement shoe”
  1. Kat says:

    These shoes (and you) are gorgeous! Thanks for the top.

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