Birthday Barbie

The 28th July 2014 was my 22nd birthday. And because I was particularly reluctant to accept my increase in age this year (21 just sounds SO much nicer than 22, right?) I decided to revert back to wearing something similar to what I wore on my fifth birthday – I dressed like a Barbie doll!  I have always believed you should wear a bold colour on your birthday, the day is all about you after all and you deserve to stand out. It’s also polite to check what colour the birthday girl is wearing if you are attending a friends birthday celebrations so you can ensure you don’t turn up in the same colour! Last year I opted for my favourite hue and wore a full length sequined red gown, so  not wanting to repeat that, this year pink seemed like the perfect option. I accessorized with gold and a pretty pink lipstick to complete the full Barbie look. Tell me 22 is not that old, is it?!

Dress: BARDOT                        Shoes: TONY BIANCO

DSC_0015 DSC_0027 (1) DSC_0031-Edit DSC_0071 DSC_0080 (1)All photographs by the incredible Greg Hudson. Please check out more of his work, here.

3 Responses to “Birthday Barbie”
  1. Enjoy being 22! It was probably one of the best years of my life:) I’m turning 26 this year haha Xo

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