REVENGE DRESSING! 5 top tips to have your rival reeling!

Revenge dressing. I don’t care how much you try and tell me you’ve never done it – you have. At least once (but more likely 10, 11, 12 times..) throughout your life you will have been aware that you will see someone you despise for whatever reason and decide that you need to look absolutely drop dead gorgeous to show them just how good your life is without them. I will openly admit I have done this more times that I can count but I am not writing this post about me but as an extension to a ‘Ask Taryn’ question I recently received. The particular reader is attending a wedding where she will see a person she hasn’t spoken to in many years and while I’ve already privately helped her  find a suitable outfit I figured there would be more of you out there secretly plotting what to wear and could do with some advice. So here are my five top tips to leave your rival reeling!

1. Nothing too short, low cut, or inappropriate for your age.  

A key theme you will notice in every single one of these points is that you don’t want to give the person any reason to say anything bad about you. No doubt it’s tempting to go out and buy the shortest, backless, low cut, barely there dress to show off just how much of a hot young thing you are but this is NOT going to get you anywhere. Sorry to be blunt but they will probably just refer to you as either a “sl*t”, “mutton dressed as lamb” or at very least believe you’ve lost your morals. Don’t lower yourself and sell off your body just for someone you wouldn’t normally give the time of day. Hold your head high and stay classy. What could they possibly say about that?

2. Choose items you can actually wear

“Wearing heels is not sexy if you walk like a newborn calf,” is a quote that comes to mind. If you don’t normally wear six inch heels, don’t make this the first time you try them. Experiment with a few different styles to find one that you are comfortable in. Wedges are a great intermediate for those that want to add a bit of height but aren’t accustomed to wearing very high heels. A kitten heel can also be just as glamorous as a very high heel, one of the most popular styles of Valentino heels this season are kitten heels so don’t count them out. You don’t want anybody pointing out that you can’t walk in your shoes, particularly if you are going to be in them all day or having a few drinks.

3.  Accentuate your best assets

This is your chance to show off what you’ve got! Like I said earlier, don’t show everything off  but pick an asset and make sure your outfit does it justice. If you have a tiny waist, make damn sure what you wear shows just how small it is. If you’ve got killer legs, you can go for something a little shorter, but make sure it’s not also low cut or backless etc to counteract for it. Show him or her, just how fit and healthy you are (and that you could get any guy you want if it’s a ‘him’ you’re revenge dressing for). This will also give you a huge confidence boost if you know you’ve got your best assets on show.

4. Quality is the key

I’m not saying buy something you can’t afford, don’t give them that power over your life but do invest in something quality. You don’t want them to have seen your dress on the $2.50 rack at Supre (this literally happened once, I could NOT have laughed harder at the silly girl!). Choose a quality brand, within but at the top end of your price range. You also don’t need me to tell you that quality garments will sit better on your body, hold their shape and wont need to be pulled up and into place all day long.

5.  A happy disposition! 

You may be bitter, but all the hard work you’ve put into your outfit will go out the window if they can see the jealously and bitterness written all over you face. Remember the wise words of my favourite author Roald Dahl: “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”. Remember at the end of the day you aren’t just there to show them how good you look, you’re there to enjoy yourself and have a lovely day – do that! Once again don’t give them the power to ruin your day by constantly wondering if they’ve noticed how good you look. Enjoy yourself and the less you think about them, the more they’ll wonder why you’re not.


I know instead of writing this I could have said “just don’t do it” but at the end of the day we’re all going to instinctively try a little harder to look better than the person we dislike so I might as well help you along the way. I hope you find these hints helpful and one day never need to revenge dress again 🙂

Finally a little inspo…

The undisputed Queen of revenge dressing, Princess Diana, wore this incredibly sexy (but appropriate dress that fits in with all my tips!) to an event the night her estranged husband Prince Charles admitted to his infidelity on national television. Guess who was on the front page the next day, DIANA, not Charles. Way to go girl! Diana wrote the book on revenge dressing.

2 Responses to “REVENGE DRESSING! 5 top tips to have your rival reeling!”
  1. Emily says:

    Love this post! All the points are spot on, especially ‘Quality is Key’. I’m so glad i’ve found your blog and would really like to maybe collaborate in the future. Keep up the lovely work xx

    • Taryn Watt says:

      Hi Emily,

      Thank you so much, I’m really glad you liked this post! I’ve just checked out your blog as well and it is incredible! I would absolutely love to collaborate with you. If you wanted to get in touch please just send me an email at 🙂 Hope you have a great day xx

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