Is your skin in need of a bit of first aid?

A change in season and temperature is never kind on the skin. It usually signals a time to switch up your skin care routine and find something that not only cleans your skin and takes away your make up, but something that is going to nourish your skin and bring back it’s natural glow. My skin has never been incredibly bad, but, it definitely has it’s problems. I’ve used a wide range of different products over the years and for a long time was a devotee to Yuva. However just like with shampoos and most other beauty products, once your skin gets too accustomed to a product, it can lose it’s effectiveness. When this begins to happen, or a change in temperature leaves you breaking out or without your natural sparkle , it’s time to switch it up! First Aid Beauty should be your first stop to sort out any issues you’re having. As the name suggest their range is designed to bring your skin back to life and back in balance. First Aid Beauty isn’t about smelling pretty or fancy packaging, it’s about getting your skin under control and keeping it that way. A no muss, no fuss product and when you’re extremely time poor like me, that is exactly what you need.

I am currently using the Face Cleanser, the Daily Face Cream, the Body Moisturizer and the Gentle Body Wash. I love that they are also available in handy little travel packs as well. First Aid Beauty has products for every skin type and every skin problem and I can honestly say has been a saviour to my skin since coming into the cooler months.

Dirty works is another brand that you need on your skin care radar. Once you’ve got the skin on your face sorted with First Aid Beauty, sort out the rest of your body with Dirty Works. The body scrub I use contains pumice particles to buff away dry and dead skin and Shea butter, sweet almond oil and vitamin E to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. I prefer to use this one only every couple of days and alternate with a more gentle scrub to keep my skin in balance.


And finally, I couldn’t resist a little humor after all this ‘skinny’ talk 😛

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