Surprise! Beauty in a box

photoWhen was the last time you received an amazing surprise? The last time you received something beautiful and unexpected in the mail that truly made you smile? It’s not something that happens very often anymore, well until you get onto BellaBox that is! I recently discovered BellaBox and honestly it is an absolute breath of fresh air. The incredible thing about BellaBox is that every month you receive a beautifully packaged little box in the mail with amazing things in side that you may have never known about, or thought to try before. It is so exciting to come home one day and see a little package sitting on your doorstep and not know exactly what is inside, it’s like being a kid again at Christmas. You then get to open it up and experiment with everything inside – what an amazing idea! I must admit I was so excited by this concept and once I received mine, I was even more excited to blog it and share it with you all! I honestly couldn’t recommend BellaBox‘s highly enough.

Apart from the thrill of the surprise as to what is inside, one of the best things about BellaBox is that it offers you different things to experiment with. Now I don’t want to give away all the details of what’s inside this month’s come fly with me BellaBox but I will share with you my favourite item from it (it was a hard to pick just one!).

Now nails are my thing, I never, ever leave the house without manicured nails and while I have always been a big fan of Sally Hansen nail polishes, I had never tried her sugar coat range, because lets face it, we all just stick to what we know, don’t we? (That’s what’s so great about BellaBox‘s it gets you to try new things!) So when I found a gorgeous pink (cotton candy) sugar coat nail polish in my box I could not wait to give it a try! I didn’t really know what to expect but it turned out to be incredibly cool. Instead of a flat, gloss finish like normal nail polish, the sugar coat polish literally looks like your nails have been dipped in sugar! Just have a look at the results. This polish also dries within a matter of seconds, so for a person like me who is incapable of sitting still for 2 seconds, that is like a gift from heaven!

photo 1BellaBox‘s are being sent out this week so to get your hands on this months and one every month for a mere $15 a month simply click, here.


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