Affordable formal

Some of the most common things I hear are: “I’ll only ever wear it once, I don’t want to spend a fortune” or “there are no affordable formal dress shops around here” and in particular “where can I get a nice formal dress, cheap?”.  As you may know I held a very formal 21st birthday party last year for which I asked my guests to really get dressed up and I was inundated with the aforementioned statements and questions, and as wedding season heats up I’ve stated to hear these things all over again. While some don’t mind spending up big for a formal event, especially if it’s for a very special occasion, others see it as an unnecessary hassle and expense. Therefore I considered it time I discovered the answer to all your questions! Victoria’s Dress has absolutely stunning formal and bridesmaid dresses at incredibly low prices. All dresses can be custom made in any colour and size so you can be assured that the dress will fit you like a glove. Check out my favourite pieces from their current collection, which all happen to be included in their sale at up to 65% off!!

A-Line V-Neck Sleeveless Evening Gown With Lace

FJ726 A-Line Bataeu Sleeveless Beaded DressFJ816 A-Line V-Neck Sleeveless Gown with Rhinestone FJ972Sheath/Column One Shoulder Chiffon Dresszt011_1How absolutely amazing are those dresses? Check out more of their gorgeous gowns and find your perfect dress at

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One Response to “Affordable formal”
  1. Debbie Maggs says:

    Can you please have a formal 22nd birthday party so I can wear one of these dresses?!

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