Airbrush makeup…at home!

Airbrush make up – it’s the fabulous thing that gives the models in the magazines perfect, flawless looking skin. I’ve been lucky enough to have this incredible kind of make up used on me for photo shoots and every time I’ve had it done I’ve thought to myself; gosh I wish I could have this done everyday, and now thanks to Velbella, we all can! I was so excited to discover Lauren Veiling, owner of Velbella, who has created a range of high quality, long lasting and affordable  airbrush products that are incredibly quick and easy to use.

Check out this video of Lauren showing me just how easy it is to airbrush your own make up everyday.

Lauren also offers professional make up and hair services specializing in wedding and formal looks. Lauren created a gorgeous formal make up look for me and an intricate up do. To find out more about Velbella, check out my interview with Lauren below in which she explains what’s included in a starter kit, what new stuff is coming to the Velbella range and her professional hair and make up rates.

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What is included in the starter pack and how much is it?

Our Velbella Airbrush Make Up Kit is an amazing product bringing airbrush make up to ladies everywhere. No longer is airbrush make up only for celebrities and makeup artists. You can create the flawless look of airbrush make up every day with your personal airbrush make up system!

For $200 your kit contains:

1 x airbrush gun

1 x compressor

3 x 5ml foundations (In your foundation colour and you also get one lighter and one slightly darker. These are great for contouring and highlighting)

1 x 5ml blush

1 x 5ml shimmer

1 x 5ml gun cleaner

Instructions of how to airbrush your make up every day

Make up bag to keep your products.

What are your rates for bridal/formal hair and makeup?

Our prices depend on your requirements however this is a general pricing structure depending on the needs of the client. Makeovers and Formals are the same pricing as Brides and Bridesmaids.

Bride and Bridesmaids

Airbrush Makeup $100 each

Hairstyling $100 each

 Mother of the Bride and other guests

Airbrush Makeup $85 each

Hairstyling $85 each

Flower girls

Makeup $20

Hairstyling $40

 (Additional costs can include false lashes, hair padding and travel expenses. This all depend on the individual needs of the client)

What’s new and what’s coming soon to Velbella?

The current Velbella range consists of the following products:

Velbella Airbrush Compressors

Velbella Airbrush Foundation – 16 Different Shades

Velbella Airbrush Blush – 4 shades (rose, peach, pink and mauve)

Velbella Airbrush Bronzer – 3 shades (light, med, dark)

Velbella Airbrush Shimmer – 2 shades (pink and gold)

Velbella Airbrush Eye shadow – 12 different shades

Velbella Airbrush Eye Liner – 2 shades

Velbella Airbrush Primer

Velbella Airbrush Finishing Spray

Velbella Airbrush Cleaner

Coming soon:

Velbella Concealer

Velbella Powders

Velbella Lipsticks

Velbella Lipglosses

Velbella Kabuki brushes

A brand new pink Velbella Airbrush Makeup Compressors

A brand new pink Velbella Airbrush Makeup Bag

More Velbella Airbrush Eyeshadow colours

Is it good for your skin?

Velbella Mineral Foundation is a water-based botanical and mineral based makeup. It is cruelty free and free from any nasty ingredients. It is an age-defying, lightweight, oil-free formula that protects the skin from environmental stress. It is recommended for all skin types and ages. It is also great for all skin types including post-laser and Rosacea patients, Bridal makeup, Photo-finish work and hot, humid climates. Velbella Airbrush Makeup will leave you with a velvety smooth finish. It is long lasting after application  and completely paraben free. It is a paramedical makeup with no harmful preservatives, dyes or fragrance. Applied with the airbrush gun you will see a flawless finish that feels as if you have no makeup on at all.

Photos and video all by the the incredible Greg Hudson. Check out more of his work, here.

4 Responses to “Airbrush makeup…at home!”
  1. beauti4kiki says:

    I love this article! Thanks, Taryn. Great work, and of course great photo’s as a result!

  2. Tina New says:

    Taryn do you have any pics of the back of your hair. I am interested to see how the plait joins up with your side curls at the back. thank you. X

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