Wardrobe makeover – What to buy, keep and cull

I’ve recently moved house and therefore I had to undergo the inevitable wardrobe cull (much to my sisters delight who has been eyeing off a few of my pieces for a very long time!). Luckily enough for me I was moving into a house with a large walk in wardrobe so I wasn’t forced to leave too much behind. It did get me thinking though while sorting through and packing up my wardrobe that perhaps it was time I took a stock take of what I had, what I need to buy and what I should never/will never wear again. I found that my wardrobe was filled with dresses with special memories that I simply must keep, outfits that ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ that really needed to go and classic, timeless pieces that I should invest in getting more of. If you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe just like I did, follow my guide (with a little inspiration from vogue) as to what to buy, to keep and to cull this year.

1. Dresses

Buy: Elegant maxi’s

My first purchase since being in my new home was this stunning, elegant white maxi I have had my eye on at Dissh for a while. A maxi like this has so many possibilities; it can be very formal when worn with the right heels and accessories, yet imagine it with a pair of lovely sandals or wedges and perhaps minus the belt and you’ve got an elegant but casual day time maxi. This is something I would definitely recommend adding to your wardrobe.


Keep: Embellished

Embellished and sequined dresses aren’t for every occasion or every time of year but they’re something that you can go back to again and again and know you will have a good time in. Chances are if you own some form of quality sequined dress you will have had a great time in it partying the night away celebrating some form of milestone. Dresses don’t always have to be kept to be worn again but for me dresses can be a sartorial reminder of an amazing night out, just like a photo or souvenir.

Cull: Baby doll 

Baby doll was cute when you were 12 but not so much anymore. Unless you’re at the beach or trying to hide a baby bump they’re not the most flattering look. Cull immediately.

2. Prints

Buy: Abstract and newspaper print

Two of my most popular dresses from last year were the colourful abstract print dress I wore to day two of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane and the ‘Carrie-esque’ newspaper print dress I wore for a night out with friends. I could write all day about my love for these prints but to sum it up quickly – just go buy some! editedphoto 1

Keep: Florals

Lets face it, there is never going to be a spring that goes by where we don’t want to wear a pretty floral dress, it’s just like it’s part of our style DNA. They’re not always in style but they’re pretty so let them stay.

Cull: Paisley

Paisley tried to make a comeback in winter last year but it just never made it. On a rare occasion you can find a nice paisley print but 9/10 times they’re pretty horrible. While paisley isn’t the worst thing you can wear, there are so many nicer prints and styles out there, why waste your time on this one.

3. Jeans

Buy: Distressed/Boyfriend jeans

Distressed look/boyfriend jeans are the ‘it’ style this season and it looks like they’ll continue their rein into the winter as well so get yourself a pair of ripped jeans and team them with a classic sleek heel for a causal chic day time look. photo (29)

Keep: Quality blue jeans

A good pair of quality (read: Sass and Bide) jeans will never go out of style, they are simply a style staple that I guarantee you will go back to at some point every single year. They’re kind of the pants version of the little black dress. Invest in these and they will do you wonders for years and years.

Cull: Acid wash jeans

The patchy, light blue jeans had their moment in the 80’s & 90’s and should never have been seen since. Why they are still lurking in the back corners of so many wardrobes I don’t know, but just get rid of them, they’re not going to make a comeback.

4. Skirts

Buy: Pleated

I’ve been lusting after many a pleated skirt like this one from Asos and now that I’ve culled a couple of skirts from my wardrobe I can buy one, guilt free! pleated skirt

I also love a skirt with a little pleat around the bottom or at the back like this work skirt from Eventsevents

Keep: Thigh high splits

Longer length skirts with a high split walk the line between demure and sexy and therefore are perfect for the lady who wants to flash a little leg – definitely a keeper.

Cull: Tiered Ruffles. 

I had in my wardrobe two black tiered ruffled skirts that while have a certain ‘princess’ quality to them, I don’t think I’ve ever actually worn and I am certainly not likely to wear in the future. They’re good in theory but unfortunately bad in reality and had to go.

5. Shoes

Buy: Quality

Whether it’s high heels, work heels or simply a pair for getting around the shops in, invest money in your shoes. Not only can cheap shoes give you nasty blisters, they smell bad and can even give you long term foot problems if they are ill fitting. You don’t have to spend your life savings but if you want them to last, look good and be comfortable invest in quality shoes like these from Wittner.


Keep: Wedges

Wedges are a great intermediate step between flats and heels. They’re perfect for when you still want a little height or just hate wearing flats (like me) but don’t want to look over dressed or too formal. While usually only worn in summer there is no need to go throwing these babies out as winter comes around because I guarantee you next summer they will be back with a vengeance.

Cull: Embellished and over the top thongs

They had their moment in the sun but now, can be seen as a little tacky. For me thongs are for the beach and it’s immediate surrounding areas only, they’re not a style staple so there is no need for the over the top beading and embellishments that can be found on some.  If you want embellished footwear, choose a leather sandal for a more sophisticated look with the same freedom as a thong.

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