HORROR! What to do when colours run

Do you remember this beautiful Finders Keepers dress from Fashion Bunker I wore a few weeks ago to Brisbane’s Designer Fashion Show? Unfortunately it was another victim of my horrendous laundry skills – the colours ran. While I may not be the most practical person in the world, due to my continuous clothes washing failures I have learnt, through much trial and error, the best way of removing these stains from clothes and finally I have found a product to stop it happening ever again. I assume (I hope) I am not the only 21 year old girl that lacks in this area of common sense so in this post today I will show you how to bring your stained clothes back to life within hours. I only wish I had have had the forethought to take a picture of the truly horrible state this dress was in when  I first pulled it out, but I can assure you that thanks to these amazing products, it is back to it’s crisp monochrome glory once again.

541755_10151829955924682_923439881_n - CopyFor some reason I can wash coloured clothes without incident every time, however when it comes to black and white’s it seems to always go wrong, just like with this pair of black and white shorts. The black dye has run into the white panels leaving them look dirty and unwearable.

photo 4

However thanks to S.O.S Colour Run I was able to completely remove all the stains from these shorts and return them to their former state.

photo 1 (1)

Simply fill a container or sink with the hottest water the fabrics care label allows then add the contents of one of the sachets and stir thoroughly. Add your stained garment and completely submerge it in the water. Leave it soak for about an hour, every now and then coming back to check on it and give it a stir. Then pop it in the washing machine on its own for a normal cycle and voila! They will look like this again. S.O.S Colour Run is available at Woolworths in the laundry isle for $9.95.

photo 2To prevent this from happening again and to keep your colours secure and crisp I recommend using these Colour Catcher sheets in your wash every time you have mixed colours or black and white garments. Each sheet is treated with special ingredients that act like a magnet to trap loose dyes in the wash. All you have to do is pop one of these sheets in the washing machine before you put your load in, wash like normal, then throw away when you are done. At the end of your wash you will be able to see on the sheets all the loose dye that would have otherwise attached itself to your clothes. If you have a particularly large load or are worried about a few garments in your wash you are able to use up to two or three sheets per wash. They are suitable for hand and machine washing of all temperatures and are even safe in the dryer.

photo 2I have tried and tested many of the other stain removing products on the market so I assure you S.O.S Colour Run and Colour Catcher are the most effective and reliable. I have never had a garment S.O.S Colour Run couldn’t fix and I have found the Colour Catcher sheets to work every time, just a pity I forgot to use them in the wash with my Finders Keepers dress the other day. Colour Catcher is available at Woolworths in the laundry isle for $4.99 for 15 sheets. 1382008_10151803249039682_610468119_n

8 Responses to “HORROR! What to do when colours run”
  1. Kenny says:

    I love the power of side by side.

  2. Tiani says:

    Thank you taryn. I will but some of these this arvo 🙂

  3. Tiani says:

    Thank you Taryn. I will buy some of these this arvo 🙂

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  5. Hallie says:

    Yksi laillinen tekniikka löytääparhaat kasinot nauttia verkossa onlukuisia arvostellaan sivustoja .

  6. dorothy sneddon says:

    this is a long dress,it says wash by hand ,i did that and the blacks run on to the white,and the white looks grey now,any suggestions would be helpful

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