Sequins – when and where to wear

Sequins – not for everyone and certainly not for every occasion but definitely one of my favourite things to wear! Even though I am a huge fan of sequins and will try and make up almost any excuse to wear them I am a firm believer that sequins are a strictly ‘after 5’ affair. Wearing sequins in the day just doesn’t look right to me…What are you doing? Where are you going? What are you celebrating? It’s just confusing. Sequins are the finest way of celebrating through your attire and I believe should be kept for those special occasions – just to prove they really are that special!

After working tirelessly all year at university, finishing your last exam is a celebration. (And the perfect excuse for mass sequins!)


Your birthday? It’s your day, stand out in a bold colour and sequins!

540742_10151640688609682_1321767392_nSubtle sequins – for the nights you tell yourself you’re just going for a ‘couple of cocktails’ but secretly know it’s going to turn into a wild night on the town.


Sequins are a must for any masquerade ball. Just as a sign of my real love of sequins and all things glitter – check out my matching phone case! 983753_10151524816604682_71213441_nA new bars opening night – it’s a big night for them, dress up and look the part, it’s only polite. Let them know who’s the best dressed right from day one.


So are you considering sequins for your next big night out yet? I hope  so as I can honestly say, you have your best nights when you are feeling confident in what you are wearing and you WILL feel confident in sequins, how can you not? When wearing sequins though be conscious of the rest of your outfit and accessories. It’s important to stay fairly minimalistic and avoid adding a lot of different colours of prints to the outfit. Sequins stand out so much it’s best just to keep it simple.
555973_10151339858979682_1308401046_nIf you are in need of a new sequined dress Jean Jail has some incredible sequined dresses like this Dancing in the Dark dress for $59.95 and has free postage – get shopping!

Even the ever elegant Duchess of Cambridge is a fan of a few sequins.


16 Responses to “Sequins – when and where to wear”
  1. Great post! Especially love the 4th dress down with the gold belt. Where is that from? x

  2. Cute outfit! You look lovely. Please take a look and follow my style blog! 🙂

  3. If I really feel pre-5 glittery, I’ll do gold or silver thread.cloth instead. I have a gorgeous Saba folded mini from a few seasons back that is silver and great for dressing up or down or just Fridays when you sometimes go straight out after work without going home. But I completely agree- somethings are best saved up.

    • Taryn Watt says:

      That is so true actually, when you are going from day to night like that sometimes you can find some quality pieces that make that transition perfectly. Unfortunately recently I’ve seen a few girls wearing cheap, bright sequins just to go shopping on a Saturday morning and to me that just doesn’t suit at all! I just love wearing sequins to really celebrate! 🙂

  4. dapperdolly says:

    It depends. I come from a culture that has adornment e.g. sequins, beading and embroidery anciently ingrained in our psyche and we love flamboyant touches any time of day or night. I agree though that the tone can be taken from day to night (if its not a special occasion where it’s ok to wear them full flourish in the day) – from everyday wearable to night time glam, there’s lot’s of different ways to wear adornment from smart collars or shoulder touches to full dress like those pictured above. 🙂


    • Taryn Watt says:

      That is so true! There are some truly beautiful ways to wear embellishments throughout the day, particularly in some traditional dress. I think some people miss the elegant way to go about it though and that is a shame. Thanks for stopping by and may I say I love your blog! Have a great day X

  5. misstramtran says:

    wow, love your style girl. I like sequin, with the right style, it can be really elegant You have certainly pulled off the look xo

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