Sweaty workout hair to effortless loose curls in under 10 minuites!

We have a mere 17 days until the official start of summer and only 27 days until the airing of the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This is a time when bikini’s and short shorts reign supreme, abs are the ‘it’ accessory and the VS angels remind us of what body perfection really is. Therefore we all must be trying to fit in as many workouts as we possibly can, even if we only have a few minutes before work or going out. However, have you ever said to yourself: “I’d do a workout now if only it didn’t make my hair so sweaty”? I know I have. Once you take the time to work out you then have to find extra time to wash, blow dry and then style your hair and sometimes this is just time we don’t have thus resulting in us skipping the workout altogether. With summer this close though we can’t afford to be skipping these extra workouts so I have bought you a step by step guide that will take your hair from disgusting sweaty gym hair to effortless loose curls in under 10 minutes. Now you really have no excuse!

Tie your hair in a pony tail before you start to keep the majority of your hair sweat free during your workout. Your roots will get greasy but the rest of your hair should stay relatively clean.

photo 1 (4)

My post workout yucky hair.

photo 2 (4)

The first step is to coat your roots in dry shampoo. By far the best and only dry shampoo I would recommend is Klorane. I have tried many different brands of dry shampoos and this is by far the best.It has been recommended by countless hair stylists and beauty bloggers as it is one of the only ones that works just as well on dark hair as it does on light. This is because it doesn’t leave any residue or that white powdery look in your hair. It is also incredible for adding volume and lift to your hair in any situation. Klorane is available at most major supermarkets and pharmacy’s but is currently on sale at Priceline for $10.39.

photo 4 (4)Spray Klorane over all of your roots – front, side, back and underneath on the sides.

photo 1 (3) photo 3 (3)

Pick up sections of your hair and spray it underneath. Make sure you get it on the roots at the nape of your neck and each section of hair around the sides. There is no need to spray it on the bulk of your hair, just at the roots.
photo 4 (3)Leave it sit in your hair for around a minute then run your fingers through it vigorously. Turn your head upside down and run your fingers through all of it to really disturb  the powder. This is what is going to ensure it doesn’t sit on your scalp and make you look like you have terrible dandruff/greys. Then brush your hair to get rid of any left over residue.

photo 5 (2)

Voilà! The Klorane will have eaten up all the sweat and will have given your hair some added volume.

photo 1 (2)But you might have some frizz. Aromas argon Moroccan oil is like a little piece of magic in a bottle. This amazing product nourishes your hair and instantly takes away frizz leaving it look silky smooth.

photo 2 (2)You only need to use the smallest amount of Moroccan oil. Squirt about a 5c piece size amount into your hands, rub it together and lightly dab it onto your hair avoiding your roots.

photo 5Now to style your hair. You don’t need to curl all of your hair as we are only after effortless loose curls today. Simply take a fair sized chuck of hair and wrap it around your curling iron from the very bottom and spread it around the wand so the entire tong is covered like I have done below. Always curl away from your face to open it up.

photo 1

And there you have it – I did a 45min workout, sweated A LOT and was able to get my hair to look like this within 10 minutes! Quickly pin your hair up and put it in a shower cap while you take a shower as to not ruin your hair while getting ready for whatever it is you have to do for the rest of the day.

photo 3photo 4

Sorry for the mass selfies but I hope they help illustrate that getting your hair sweaty is no excuse for skipping your morning workout because even if you only have a few extra minutes…

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