Fashion hits and misses from the Melbourne Cup

For some it’s the race that stops the nation, for others it’s the fashion. Here’s the best and worst of the fashions on the field at Flemington today.


Jen Hawkins wearing Yeojin Bae dress, Nerida Winter headpiece and carrying an Alexander McQueen clutch.

What they wore: Melbourne Cup 2013

Pia Miller wearing Johanna Johnson.What they wore: Melbourne Cup 2013

Kate Waterhouse wearing Peter Pilotto.

A close up of her custom Nerida Winter headpiece and Hardy Brothers jewels.

Bec Cartwright in Dolce and Gabbana.

What they wore: Melbourne Cup 2013

Laura Dundovic in an Aurelio Costarella dress and a Kerrie Stanley headpiece.

What they wore: Melbourne Cup 2013

Brodie Harper wearing Thurley and Rebecca Share.

Dita Von Teese.

Danielle Spencer in Alex Perry – Look familiar?

Probably because Rebecca Judd wore the same dress to the Caulfield Cup two weeks ago. Awks.  Who wore it better? Bec gets my vote.


Deborah Quinn in who knows what.

UntitledFifi Box in her grandmas curtain?

Luke Jacobz in a whole lot of different prints/textures…

Natalie Barr, she usually dresses impeccably so i’m not sure what happened here.

And one I’m just not sure of…

Rebecca Judd in a Toni Maticevski dress and Danica Erard Millinary. I usually absolutely love everything she wears, she is a stunning woman with amazing style but this is just maybe a little out there for me. What do you think of it?

She is 6.5 months pregnant.

*Photos courtesy of Vogue Aus, Popsugar and SMH.

4 Responses to “Fashion hits and misses from the Melbourne Cup”
  1. Some of the worst looks made me laugh out loud. But, there were a lot of winners in there! I’m on the fence about the Rebecca Judd look…it looks better from the front than from the back. I think the back just looks a little puzzling…but wow, I cannot believe she is 6.5 months pregnant- you can’t tell at all!

    • Taryn Watt says:

      I completely agree, from the front it looks alright but from the back it just gets a bit crazy I think! She is an amazing woman, check out her gown from the brownlow – it is absolutely stunning and if you didn’t know you would never be able to tell she is pregnant. She dresses her bump impeccably. I just love checking out the race day fashions – its always entertaining whether it’s for the good or the bad!

  2. WeWicked says:

    It’s funny, I secretly loved Deborah Quinn’s attire as much as it was making me go WTF! But I think that’s why I accepted it – it was fun (and I personally love the shades).

    As for Rebecca Judd… She was a win for me! I love that she’s still daring to go all-out even though she’s got the baby belly happening.

    Thanks for following my blog X

    • Taryn Watt says:

      It certainly is a fun outfit isn’t it! I did love that they both went for it with their outfits – certainly made a striking couple!

      Rebecca Judd is just gorgeous isn’t she?! They way she dresses her bump is incredible. I think every time I look at this outfit though I change my mind, one min I think it’s fab the next I think it’s too much. You are absolutely right though, credit to her her being so daring especially wile pregnant. I am a big fan of her. How incredible did she look in her Caulfield Cup Alex Perry dress?!

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