Abstract monochrome – Finders Keepers dress for Brisbane’s Designer Fashion Show

Derby Day – the one and only day of the year that colour is so out and monochrome reigns supreme. While I wasn’t in Melbourne for the race day, I did attend Brisbane’s Designer Fashion Show 2013 and thought I’d keep the tradition alive with this abstract Finders Keepers dress.

photo 1 (2)By now you’ve probably already realised I just can’t leave my clothes alone. I see them in the store and instantly consider how i’m going to get them altered to suit my needs better and this dress was no exception.

photo 2 (1)As you can see the dress originally had long sleeves, which did look really lovely. However when I tried the dress on the sleeves were very loose which I felt didn’t suit the rest of the look of the dress – so they had to go. It’s also almost summer and the days of wearing sleeved dresses are long gone so by chopping them off the dress gained a more summery and on trend look.

photo (21)I love the abstract detailing and lattice panel down the center of this dress. It’s edgy and different while still very elegant – it encompass both spheres of designer styling.

541755_10151829955924682_923439881_nA look at the back detailing.

photo 2 (2)A closer look at the stunning lattice panel.

photo 1 (2)What do you think, did I do the right thing by cutting off the sleeves? Or should I have left it the way it was? I love the way it turned out but I would love to hear your thoughts!

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