Think Pink!

photoWhat’s stopping you? Think Pink!!

After an incredibly busy week I handed in my last two uni assignments for the year on Friday! Stress levels had been at an all time high and I could barely fit in time to sleep so the only way I could motivate myself to get through it was to promise myself a really big night out on the town with my best friend and fellow fashion blogger Riana (Simply Styling) after I was done. This gave me a lot to procrastinate about as I pondered the age old question ‘watt to wear?’

I wanted to wear something that would reflect how I would feel after finishing a year of university. I knew I would be feeling accomplished after putting in so much hard work so I would want something in a bold colour; a strong, powerful dress. I also knew that I would be desperate to have some fun after not being able to go out for the last few weeks so it had to be something a little flirtatious as well. It really needed to be a standout dress for such a standout occasion.

So I decided to take a study break  and go shopping to find a new dress. I entered Dragonberry Boutiques and this hot pink dress immediately caught my eye. Suddenly it occurred to me this was the colour I needed to wear, it said everything I need it to say. Hot pink doesn’t have to be about dressing like Barbie, it can be about being bold and powerful while sill being feminine, fun and flirtatious.

Dress: Dragonberry

Shoes: Tony Bianco ‘Kidman’ heel

Bag: Collette

1381616_10151810251699682_2037387710_nWhile you don’t have to pull a whole ‘Elle Woods’ for your next night out there is a lot we can learn from what she stood for. To be strong and successful you don’t have to dress in a boring manner and follow the ever so interesting ‘all black everything’ corporate trend. You can be powerful, fun, feminine and embrace hot pink!


“You can go your own way” and wear pink along the way. Embrace it!

Gold accessories always compliment hot pink and the on trend white nail polish just adds to the fresh summery feel of the outfit.

62721_10151816497894682_1669058703_nAnd let’s not forget Audrey’s words of wisdom…

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10 Responses to “Think Pink!”
  1. rianahorner says:

    And it was an awesome night!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I love reading your blog T :D…it’s only a matter of time before a fashion mag snaps you up. You’re such a natural :P…keep rocking it! B xo

  3. emmamercer says:

    Congratulations on one year down! X

  4. Ms Shallow says:

    I would have liked to see this pink dress styled with black accessories which is right on trend right now

  5. Shmoo says:

    Amazing colour, amazing dress!

    Lizzee xo

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