Interview with Daniel Moore of Alter Ego Fashion Design & Alterations and DMoore

Fresh from his debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival and a highly successful buying trip to India, I sat down with Daniel Moore of Alter Ego Fashion Design & Alterations to talk about business and his own new label, DMoore. As we chatted, beautiful music filled his workroom on Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley and exquisite bridal and formal gowns on mannequins lined the walls. On the coffee table sat a black folder bursting with the most exceptional bead work samples from the same company that supplies some of the top fashion houses in America and Europe including Dior and Victoria Beckham. It is this that sparks my first question…

Taryn: These samples are absolutely stunning what is the story behind these?

Daniel: They’re from India. I just got back from India about two weeks ago and we’ve got samples being made over there and we’ve got some really nice fabrics coming back as well. These are all hand stitched and the company that makes these actually works with Victoria Beckham and Dior Couture. Obviously the designs don’t cross over though so now that we’ve got these, they’re ours, no one else will be able to use them. These ones are exclusive to us and I am going to use them in my next DMoore collection.

Taryn: They are all so beautiful it must have been hard to choose?

Daniel: They are amazing, I was in this factory the whole day and he just had boxes and boxes of them and it was just so hard to decide which ones to take.

Taryn: You also made some dresses out of a stunning green Valentino lace, how did you get onto that?

Daniel: Our supplier just had it, she said this is the last five meters of it and I just had to take it! We were really lucky and have used it all now. As soon as we told our customers about it, it was gone. We could have sold 50 meters of it.

One of the dresses made from the green Valentino lace.

1004849_618656048166872_43291861_n 1017462_597660450266432_1297843282_n

Taryn: There are two sides to your business, there is Alter Ego Fashion Design and Alterations and then there is DMoore, how do they differ?

Daniel: Alter Ego is predominantly made to measure and alterations as that is pretty much what everyone wants. Sometimes people will bring in ideas and we will design it with them but it’s mainly made to measure. DMoore is all my designs, it is mostly formal and cocktail as well as some bridal. We’ve done a little bit of other things, shorts and things but that’s not really my market.

Taryn: Which side of it do you prefer? Making one off designs for a customer or designing for a collection?

Daniel: I like working with the customers, its fun. That’s what I’ve been trained in, small businesses, working with the customers, made to measure.

Taryn: How did you start out in sewing?

Daniel: I started in a traineeship actually, there was a job going at a bridal shop for a fully experienced wedding dress maker and I just went in and begged her to give me the job! She ended up putting me on as a trainee and I did lots of different courses, but that’s how I started.

I was lucky enough to know Daniel early on in his designing career and he made me this stunning green gown for a formal event in 2008.


Taryn: You debuted DMoore at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival this year, how was it? Were you excited or nervous?

Daniel: I was so nervous, Paul Hunt was there to help me which was good though. There were a few things I would have liked to have changed about it but overall it was really good.

Taryn: Have you had a good reception since MBFF?

Daniel: Yeah we’ve had a lot of positive comments and we’ve sold a few pieces that we showed so that has been good. It’s also more of a branding thing I think.

Thank you so much to Daniel Moore for taking the time out to talk to me today. If you are ever in need of clothing alterations or a made to measure dress or suit please contact Daniel, the quality of his fabrics and workmanship is absolutely of the highest standard.

Keep up to date with Daniel on Facebook by clicking here and check out his website here.

2 Responses to “Interview with Daniel Moore of Alter Ego Fashion Design & Alterations and DMoore”
  1. joana says:

    I have always found Daniel and his team provide the highest quality work and the utmost professional standards. All my designs have been produced over and above my expectations….a great place to go for all your couture needs….

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