Brisbane Arcade – 90 years of elegance

brisThe Brisbane Arcade – home to some of Brisbane’s most well respected designers is celebrating its 90 year anniversary in classic old world style this week. The celebrations intend to pay tribute to the many different eras of the arcade from the 20’s right through to today. Taking a step back in time the arcade will be adorned with opulent 1920’s themed floral displays reminiscent of those from the days Brisbanites flocked to the city to welcome in the new season and the arcades cafe’s will offer 1920’s themed menus. Charleston dancers will be performing on stage throughout the week and you will even be able to get a free shoe shining from Buffed! Moving forward in the time the arcade will celebrate it’s current form with the best designers showcasing their latest spring/summer collections in various fashion parades and some of Brisbane’s top stylists will provide free styling sessions.

Dale Olsson, owner of The Hat Box which is located on the top level of the arcade spoke of how special the arcade is.

“I don’t think there are many people who are born and bred in Brisbane who don’t have some sort of special memory of the Brisbane arcade.

“People come here with their mother and grandmother to buy something for a special occasion or to have tea at Room With Roses.”

Pia, owner of Pia Du Pradal in the arcade also spoke of the special sense of community within the arcade.

It’s got a great atmosphere, people tend to send customers from one shop to the other, it’s a destination where you can get everything, shoes, bags, hats, outfits and its cross generational which is lovely, you get mothers and daughters and grandmothers all shopping together.”

The arcade really is a special place like no other in Brisbane. The oldest shopping arcade of it’s kind, it possesses an old world charm not found anywhere else. The arcades marketing manager Rachel Pearson felt this was the key to the arcades long running success.

“The architecture and the old world charm have a definite appeal, there is no other shopping arcade like it really in Brisbane, it’s the oldest one in its original form.

“Most of our tenants are owner operated businesses and have very loyal and resilient customer bases because they are so unique, they aren’t found everywhere, most of them only have one store and that is here in the arcade.

“You have stores like Tengdahl and Pia Du Pradal where the owner and designer is right there serving you.”

Truely a unique and special place in Brisbane’s fashion industy, check out the program below and head along to some of the exciting events taking place throughout the week.

Wednesday 16 October

11am            Chocolate Moments chocolate making demonstration with Gerrard Gosens

12:30pm       Jazz band: Fish Lane

1:10pm         Body Shop mini-makeovers

Thursday 17 October

11:20am        Body Shop mini-makeovers

12:30pm        Jazz trio: Charlotte

Friday 18 October

11am            Skin Beautiful presents Dr Spiller skincare

12:30pm      Fashion showing by Tengdahl and Pia du Pradal

12:45pm      Jazz band: Out of Abingdon

1:15pm         Fashion showing by Tengdahl and Pia du Pradal

2pm             Skin Beautiful presents Dr Spiller skincare

4pm             Harvey Graham vintage showcase

Saturday 19 October

11am            Welcome to Brisbane Arcade by Sofie Formica

11:15am        Charleston dancers

11:30am        The Hat Box parade

12pm            Irma J Smith parade (20 years retrospective)

12:15pm       Charleston dancers

12:30pm       Jazz band: Out of Abingdon

1:15pm         Charleston dancers

1:30pm         Irma J Smith parade (20 years retrospective)

1:45pm         The Hat Box parade

2pm             Events conclude. Enjoy special drinks prices at Room with Roses cafe.

The Arcade showed together at MBFF, here are a few of my favorites from the various designers.


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