Interview with Brad Webb, designer of Darb Bridal Couture

I may not yet know who I will one day marry but one thing I am sure of is who I want to design my wedding gown, and that is Brad Webb. The multi award winning designer of Darb Bridal Couture showcased an exquisite collection of gowns at the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival and I was fortunate enough to sit down with him for an interview today about his influences, fabrics and the future.

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Taryn: What were your earliest influences to get into the business?

Brad: I suppose I’ve loved fabrics and sewing things since I was small and when you do something like that you evolve into it more and more. Sometimes you decide to make a career out of something but for me it just seemed more like a natural progression and of course there is the support of the family to do it and their encouragement. I guess it just happened.

Taryn: Where do you source your fabrics from? Do you source them from Australia?

Brad: They are all European. Unfortunately there are aren’t many fabric manufacturers in Australia so our silks are all from overseas and the laces are either French or Italian.  We deal directly with the mills instead of dealing with a wholesaler and the lace is made to order for you all the time.  They have a collection and when you place an order they then produce that piece for you so you’ve got more scope  for variety unlike with a wholesaler who buys huge quantities and hold them in stock.  It’s nice for us because I like all my fabrics to be exclusive to me which you need for something like this which is high end and you want that point of difference.

Taryn: Do you take a lot of inspiration from overseas?

Brad: I do and I don’t. I don’t like to look at what other people are doing. I like to do my own thing because I don’t like to feel like I’ve copied something someone else has done and when you are trying to create if you are even looking at other things it influences you and sometimes it’s then hard once the seed has been planted to ignore it.  I am influenced by Dior and things like that from the 50’s because the type of lines they had are a very elegant look and sometimes even looking at artwork can be inspiring.

Taryn: Quality and attention to detail is something I’ve noticed throughout your collections , that must be something that is very important to you?

Brad: Yes it is important, I think it shows people who have an eye for detail, taste and fine things that we pay attention to things like that. When people who can appreciate that come in they can see it straight away and they notice it and that’s part of what draws them to our product. It’s important to us and we strive for that all the time.

Taryn: How long does the creative process take in making a dress, from the very first concept to the day it is worn?

Brad: For a client we recommend we start around 6-8 months before their wedding. If it is a style that is already part of the collection we start making it around 18 weeks before the wedding with fittings every fortnight or so along the way until it is made. If you are creating a new design and the gowns that form part of my collection each year, then you need a little bit more than that because you’ve got to get your ideas together and source the fabrics and that process takes about 6-8 months.

Taryn: So much detail goes into these creations then..

Brad: Yeah, if you’re doing a beaded lace, you’ve got to find the lace design that you like for the gown but it may not necessarily be embellished yet so first you have to find the lace you like, then decide on a particular style of bead work or embellishment and once you’ve got that right, you can actually do the piece that you want.

Taryn: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival was a huge success, did you have a favourite piece from the show?

Brad: Oh I don’t know, that’s hard! I really liked every element in the collection this year. Sometimes you might put together a collection with two or three items that are a little bit weaker but this year each one was a strong gown in it’s own right and I think that lifted the whole parade so it’s very hard to pick a favourite out of all of them, I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Taryn: Did you have more gowns you wanted to put in the show but had to cut out?

Brad: Yeah I did start with more at the sketch stage, I think I had about 24 and then I had to get it down to 17, it was supposed to be down to 14 but I couldn’t do it so I left it at 17 and even that was hard.  I should go back and have a look at what I culled and let them grow into a new story of their own.

Taryn: One of your gowns was featured on the promotional signage for MBFF, that must have been amazing to see?

Brad: Yes, that was really nice and a bit of an honour to get picked to do that. It was hard too because I was trying to stick within the brief they gave me but also find something that would depict my label and look and something that as a one image shot was going to tell people that this event is something to do with fashion and design and so in the end I just did what I wanted!

Taryn: Does MBFF have a big impact on business? 

Brad: It’s more lifting your label and awareness, promoting your label and keeping your name out there and current. You need to be a part of that and it’s a nice way to launch and showcase your new collection. The reaction has been very strong here already from the collection with people coming in and trying on, it’s been really good and I’ve been very happy with it this year.

Thanks so much to Brad for taking the time to chat to me and if you would like to find out more about Darb please visit and my post on the Darb collection from MBFF here.

Darb at MBFF

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