Midi rings and more

We all know the importance of accessories, they can transform a plain outfit into a styling masterpiece with very little effort. Recently however there has been a huge surge in the popularity of bold accessories in the form of statement watches, chunky bracelets and necklaces and the new ‘it’ piece, the midi ring.

Get your arm swag going by wearing multiple rings – stacking them together and of course trying out the midi ring  – which is actually much more comfortable and practical than you would imagine. Then add a few chunky bracelets to the same arm as you wear your watch, with a slightly more dainty bracelet on the opposite arm so as to not go too overboard.  Rose gold is my personal favourite tone to wear for this kind of accessorizing.
photo (89)Silver can also be extremely effective, especially when you tie the accessories in to the detailing in your outfit such as below.

Bracelet, necklace and ring – Tiffany and Co

Other rings – Pandora 

Dress – Events

photo (91)photo (93)

Arm swag at it’s absolute best; Tiffany and Co Atlas Collection worn by Amie Song of Song of Style.


15 Responses to “Midi rings and more”
  1. I’m enjoying the jewelry and accessories here! Somehow it seems to have a mid-’60’s vibe. Thanks for following my fun, too. I post a photo of true vintage fashion from my own closets every day. Hope to see you often!

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