P!nk + The power of the floaty dress

Brisbane got a taste of punk pop royalty as Pink put on another epic production at the Entertainment Center on Thursday night . ‘The Truth About Love’ tour has been one of the most successful of her career and after seeing the show it is clear why; her performance, the acrobatics, the dancers and the atmosphere were absolutely incredible.

For this night I decided I needed something that would match the occasion, something edgy and a little different from my usual style. I decided against wearing hot pink like many at the concert did, as I just felt that was a little to cliché. In the end I chose this lime green and black patterned dress from Bardot and teamed it with my new favourite funky Wittner boots.


Enjoy some pictures and videos from the concert:

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Floaty dresses.

When you go to the clubs, most girls are wearing their very shortest, tightest dress in an effort to impress their potential prince charming. It’s easy to believe that this is the only way a man will notice you but this is simply not true. While some believe it takes confidence to wear a short, tight dress, if this is what you are used to wearing, it can actually take more courage to cover up a little bit, wear a floaty dress and leave a little more to the imagination.  A dress like this from Dissh is the perfect midway between floaty and flirty. Loose fitting at the front with a high neck line and simple matching belt, this dress epitomises  the classy, floaty dress.  The low cut, cowl back however shows just enough skin to add a little flirtation to the affair.  We all know I do love my short, tight dresses but next time you decide to hit the clubs try out wearing a little floaty dress and just see what happens…


Finally, some wise words from Marc Jacobs.photo (88)


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