Ok now I know I said as soon as uni went back I would stop going out so much and stay in to study, however it turns out that is really boring! You can’t keep a single girl in on a weekend, or so it turns out any other day of the week, so here’s some of the best outfits from the last few weeks of fun! In the wise words from the Great Gatsby: “A little party never killed nobody!”

Asos: My 21st after party – Fridays

photo (92)

Sometimes it’s fun to dress up! Pink Ladies costume from Janinas costume hire: Friends 50’s theme birthday partyphoto (88)

Events Retail: I’ve had this dress for so long and finally it was warm enough to wear it! Love a little white dress to kick off summer!photo (89)

New York Tights – Chick a Booti, heels- Wittner: Dinner photo (91)

Dress borrowed from my best friend and fellow fashion blogger of Simly Styling, Riana Horner. A simple, strapless, little black dress like this is a style essential.

Alfred and Constance, Fridaysphoto (94) photo (95)

Seafolly bikini: South Bank beach

photo (3)

A closer look at this cute bikini. Love heart and kiss detailing. 418925_10151407105144682_1989063659_n

Sushi Dinner: Cooper St – Altered from halter neck to spaghetti strapped. photo (96)

Double Trouble!! Bardot: Social Journalism Members party at The Exchange, Fridays

photo (87)

Bardot: Miss Saigon at the Conservatorium Theatrephoto (97)

Mink Pink: Modelling Casting

photo (90)

2 Responses to “Oops…”
  1. Kenny says:

    Your best decision was to put on a dress and get out there.

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