Twenty One!

Unfortunately during the time in life between your high school formal and your wedding, there are very, very few opportunities to get dressed up in your finest formal wear. This is why when it came to deciding how to celebrate my 21st birthday I decided to give everyone another excuse to get dolled up and hold a very formal 21st birthday party!

The search for the perfect dress was actually far simpler than I had anticipated. I was walking through the shopping center I work in one day when I spotted the dress of my dreams. Long, hand beaded, vibrant red, perfect. I knew immediately, without even trying it on that this would be the dress for my party, it was everything I was looking for. Unfortunately, the dress didn’t love me as much as I loved it, it was too big. But I was determined that this would be the dress and bought it anyway, safe in the knowledge that I knew of the best alterations company in Brisbane and that they would be able to make this dress look like it was made for me, and that they did. PQ Fashions, located on Queen St in Brisbane city, were able to expertly manage the delicate nature of the hand beading and alter the dress to fit me perfectly. Not all seamstress’ are capable of performing the kind of delicate work this dress required yet the team at PQ fashions were able to do it effortlessly and quickly. As soon as I put the dress on in front of Ping, owner of PQ fashions, she instantly knew what to do to it to make it perfect. It wasn’t just that it needed taking in around the middle, it needed to be remodeled around the shoulders/bust as well for it to be perfect. Ping had a vision for the dress and knew what needed to be done for it to fit as well as possible. The results are undeniable, the beautiful yet ill fitting dress was quickly transformed into a dress that fit like a glove. Please contact PQ fashions on 3221 7250 for absolutely all your tailoring needs, big or small.

Before: Too long, too big through the waist, too big through the bust and shoulders.





The back and gorgeous mermaid bottom:



The Hair: Naturally Organic


The shoes: Vince Camuto

I opted for pewter shoes as I felt that black or silver would have been too harsh and just a little much for the dress. There is already so much going on with the dress the shoes needed to be silent, they needed to simply blend in and take no focus away from the dress and I feel these pewter shoes did the trick. Still elegant and beautiful but fade away letting the dress do all the talking.




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    Your tips are remarkable. I regularly read your blog and its very helpful.

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