It’s the little things…

Have you ever noticed that two equally beautiful people can wear the exact same outfit yet one simply looks so much better? The key to great style is not in the outfit itself but how you present the outfit. This phenomenon occurred to me the other day while at work; I was wearing a very pretty dress, but it was one I had worn many times before. On this particular day however I received in total; 4 compliments on my dress, 3 compliments on my shoes and 1 compliment on my figure. While flattered, I couldn’t help but wonder why I had received so many complements today and yet never received a single compliment any other time I had worn this dress. I now believe that I received so many compliments not because of my dress, but because of my hair. Each time I had worn this dress before I had worn my hair down, with no particular attention paid to it and allowing it to partially cover the pretty detailing around the neckline of the dress. On this day however I had paid attention to caring for my hair and had styled it in a sleek ponytail. It was this small, seemingly insignificant change, something that had absolutely nothing to do with the dress, that was the difference between no compliments and 8 compliments!

There is a definite lesson to be learnt from this, it’s the little things about us that people notice the most, they just don’t realize it. While the ladies that complimented me may well have liked my dress on other days, they went the extra mile to actually compliment me on it that day because of my hair, my whole aura screamed style, not just the dress. It is the small details of our appearance, the condition our hair is in, manicured nails, subtle but pretty perfume, all  working together to create an aura of style and sophistication that is most appealing to others.

So tomorrow morning spend a few extra minutes moisturizing your skin, blow drying your hair or manicuring your nails and no doubt others will notice the difference, even when you are wearing that same old dress.


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