Rug up, it’s cold outside!

Scarves seem to be the ‘it’ accessory this season, with waffle scarves in particular adorning the necks of out most coveted fashionistas. Scarves are such an easy way to add pop and colour to any outfit while also keeping you nice and warm!

An over sized waffle scarf such as this one from Valley Girl gives an otherwise very plain outfit a hit of colour and style. Match it in with a handbag such as this one from Guess and without much effort at all you have a stylish, causal outfit that is also going to keep you warm.


A scarf doesn’t always have to be the focus of the outfit. Clearly these coral coloured jeans are going to catch your eye first but without a scarf or something around your neck this outfit could be a little, predictable. In situations like this a soft scarf in subtle white and gold tones like this one from Events simply completes the outfit, making it a little more interesting.


While we generally leave the bright, multi-coloured pieces in our wardrobes for Summer, there is absolutely no reason to! So much of the Winter fashions we are offered are in dark hue’s which is just too depressing for me. I need colour all year round and so should you. A vibrant, multi-coloured scarf such as this one from Events is the perfect way to remind everyone that you can still have fun with fashion in Winter!


And sometimes scarves come with pockets like this one, and that is just cool!Image


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