For The Love Of Layers

Well winter is officially here so it is time to get serious about our winter wardrobe. While there are the winter essentials we all need to get our hands on, we don’t have to completely discard our favourite summer dresses just because it’s getting cooler. Layering is one of my favourite ways to add dimension and interest to an outfit and gives you more ways to make the same dress look totally different. Layering is a simple, easy and very cost effective way of looking chic this winter!

You don’t have to always opt for black underneath a dress when layering, white under this dress brightens it up a bit and allows you to match lighter accessories such as this ring from Adorne.

Dress: Events

ImageIt’s important when layering that you get the necklines right. You need either the dress’ neckline to be higher than the undershirt as seen below or the undershirt to be considerably higher than the neckline of the dress. It is also important the shape of the necklines work well together. For example you can not have a V neck undershirt with a square neck dress. While that might seem obvious when you put it on, it can be easy to forget when you are out buying the undershirts.

Dress: Events


Undershirts like these are absolute winter essentials, they are great for layering as well as just wearing on their own. They are also very cheap, these exact shirts can be found at Dotti for $5 and Jay Jays for $7 each. I have them in a multitude of colours and so should you!

Shoes: Wittner 

Don’t be afraid to add multiple layers to a dress like this where I’ve added a scarf, leggings and a leather jacket. Image

2 Responses to “For The Love Of Layers”
  1. Beautiful dresses! I really like the first dress especially. I love dressing up for winter for the first few weeks, there’s something about all the layers and the cosiness of it all. But then I get sick of it pretty quickly haha 🙂

    • Taryn Watt says:

      Thank you! It’s a great way to get just a little extra wear our of your summer dresses and looks and feels pretty cute at the same time! Thanks for stopping by the blog! 🙂

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