Splash Of Colour!

A few weeks ago I was having a crisis, I had NO clothes! Even though I had a wardrobe full of pieces, I couldn’t find anything that I liked anymore. Everything seemed too big, too small, too black, too…something. Even this gorgeous dress seemed to look horrible when I put it on. I spoke to my mother about my problems and she kindly offered to help me out. She didn’t give me her credit card and send me to the shops like I was hoping, but she used her extraordinary sewing skills to transform some of my bland, baggy pieces into tailored delights. It’s amazing what a few darts in the front and back of this dress can do. It transformed it from a colourful sack into a gorgeous, tailored, shift dress.

If you too are feeling like you have nothing to wear anymore, perhaps because you have lost/gained weight, consider simply having your pieces altered. You can have them made to fit exactly the way you want them to and it’s often far cheaper than going out and buying a whole new outfit! I often have my clothes altered, whether it’s because they don’t fit well or just because i’d rather a different neckline or shorter hem. You have the power to make your clothes fit exactly how you want them to, so unleash the inner fashion designer within you and just do it!


Paint splash dress is from Events Retail.


This jacket was actually given to me by my lovely sister. I hounded her for it for so long she finally gave in and gave it to me! Originally from Guava.

Boots – my favorites from Next UK


2 Responses to “Splash Of Colour!”
  1. Tina New says:

    I love this dress Taryn it sooooooo suits you! X

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