QT Fashion Week!

After being green with envy at all of those who got to see MBFWA in Sydney, fashion week finally headed my way in the form of QT fashion week. I was lucky enough to see the amazing designs from Josh Goot, Dion Lee, Hyde Leather, Story by Tang, Ellery, Ringuet, Mok Theorem and Muchacho.

The whole fashion week experience is just like a dream for anyone who loves the finer things in life. From the chance to get dressed up in your finest, to the luxurious location, the red carpet, the champagne and of course the most beautiful designs, you wish it would last for ever!

For such an amazing event, I spent days upon days deciding on what to wear. I finally decided I had nothing suitable in my wardrobe and must buy something new. Off I went shopping and ended up finding my entire outfit in the first shop I went to, Bardot.

I saw the Viper Panel Dress and immediately thought; “That is a fashion week dress.” It just had the fashion week ‘look’ about it. However I felt while the dress was stunning, with the textured leather paneling,  it needed a few accessories to really set it off. To do this I added the Tri Star Waist Belt and the gorgeous Marsvolta Necklace.

The next sartorial battle I had to overcome were the shoes. I had considered the two pairs of gold heels I already have but neither seemed to match the belt and necklace well enough. Then I spotted my crazy heelless, open toed Tony Bianco shoes. I figured, it’s fashion week and these are the most fashion forward heels I have so why not give them a run! By now with the look almost complete the clutch choice seemed obvious, my Alexander Mcqueen inspired Colette by Colette Hayman, black and gold knuckle duster clutch. Finally I had put together the look I would be judged on by the rest of the prestigious QLD fashion community! How do you think I measured up?


With fellow journalism student, friend and fashion blogger, Riana Horner of SimpyStyling.Image

My sister, Debbie Maggs.


Sleek hair and beautiful lines were the overwhelming theme of the shows. Josh Goot was a clear standout as was Hyde Leather. I must admit I wanted almost every single piece on show so it was incredibly difficult for me to only post  a limited number of pictures, but here are my favorites.



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