Ex giving me the blues x


When your ex boyfriend calls up and asks if you’d like to go to dinner a million questions start running through your head, the biggest of them all of course, WHAT WOULD I WEAR?! With already loads of outfit options running through my head, my ex and I picked a casual restaurant and a time and date that suited us both. Now with those details locked in I needed to decide what look to go for. Did I want a ‘knock him dead’ sexy ensemble, a cute and sweet dress or a ‘look how good I am doing without you’ outfit? As the time approached I scowled my wardrobe and everything just seemed wrong. Then, a little inspiration. I had been procrastinating and checking my Instagram when I saw Sydney Fashion Blogger had paired a darling pair of ankle boots with a lovely floral dress. I thought that perhaps i’d give this a try so I picked out my favourite boots my brother had bought back for me from Poland and put on a matching blue dress I hadn’t worn in a while and wallah! I had my outfit! I added a new Bardot belt and off I went to dinner. I’m still not sure which ‘look’ this outfit falls into, perhaps it’s none, but in the end it seemed perfect. Short enough to remind him of my legs, covered enough at the top to remind him that he doesn’t have it anymore and perfectly colour matched in every way to remind him that I have my life together and I am doing just fine without him! In the wise words of Carrie Bradshaw; “Men I may not know, but shoes, shoes I know.”


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