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    Probably the most accurate description of my life πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‚ Running away from my assignments πŸƒπŸ“– @nike Token back shot πŸ˜‹πŸ’#mbffbrisbane Chillin' with my new merc before tonight's show πŸ˜‹ #mbffbrisbane

MBFF: NEXT Hotel Next Gen Group Show

It’s clear the future of fashion in Brisbane is in very safe hands as emerging designers presented their collection in the Next Gen show at MBFF last night. Designers of all styles from swimwear to couture wowed the audience with their talent, ensuring their was something for everyone. Even of the emerging designers some are … Continue reading


MBFF: QC Club Bridal Group Show

Sitting in the front row of the spectacular QC Club Bridal Group show is every little girl’s dream come true. The lace, the beading, the tulle, you could not have asked for more beautiful couture. The mark of a good show is when each designer has pieces in their collection that are extravagant yet wearable, … Continue reading


MBFF: Brisbane Arcade Show

The Brisbane Arcade – Queensland’s HQ for exquisite couture and fine fashion. The Brisbane Arcade show is always a highlight of MBFF and this year was no exception. From lust-worthy resort style designs fromΒ Tengdahl to sophisticated wear from Pia du Pradal, a dress that caught the attention of all from Irma J Smith and of … Continue reading



There are two things very close to my heart, fashion and charity, and on Friday evening I had the pleasure of supporting both at the UBERMEN VIP and media party. The event, just like the brand itself, was exceptional. Expertly organised, opulent, generous and very welcoming. From the open bar and delicious cocktails to the … Continue reading


The true cost of labour behind the label

There is a quote that really speaks to me and underpins everything I wish to express inΒ this article. It reads… “The idea that some lives matter less than others is the root of all that is wrong with the world.” You’re at the shops and see a nice top, dress, skirt, whatever, for $9.95 and … Continue reading


Where to shop when everything looks the same

Have you ever been wandering around a shopping center, floating in and out of stores and slowly realizing you’ve seen all this before? You’ve seen the same dresses and clothes in the last shop, on a girl you saw last week and on Instagram a thousand times over? There is a very simple reason for … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland at The Emporium Cocktail Bar

For those of you who know me well, or even at all, you’ll be aware that for me, cocktails are serious business. The Emporium Cocktail Bar in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley officially launched their new Winter Wonderland Cocktail menu on Thursday evening and I was there to taste the top new cocktails on offer.Β When it comes … Continue reading


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